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This Week’s Meals + FREE handout for Tips on Meal Prepping

Ok, Harper is napping so let’s see if I can get this blog done and let you guys know what I ate this week!!

By the way, last week I shared with you guys what I have been doing for workouts post partum plus a new recipe I tried. Go grab that here if you missed that.

I finally have a little more of a routine now 8 weeks into this whole mom thing to where I am back to getting some time to meal prep for the week. I’ve made Monday my grocery day and Tuesday is typically my meal prep day. This is one of the best things I started doing that helps Luke and I eat healthy throughout the week. If you don’t take time to meal prep it will be one of the biggest contributors to you making poor eating choices throughout the week, because if you haven’t noticed, eating healthy almost always involves cooking your food. If it’s not prepared ahead of time, or at least prepped half way to where it cuts your cooking time, then most likely you will find yourself starving and grabbing whatever is most convenient or snacking way more than necessary because you don’t have the patience to wait another 30 minutes to cook your food.

I started posting what we eat throughout the week awhile back but obviously life got crazy and I haven’t posted in awhile. You can go check out all my other weekly meals here.

Because I love you guys so much I’ve put together a handout that walks you through exactly what I do each week when I am planning our meals. Just click the link below and it’s yours free!

Tips on Meal Prepping

The only way I get any meal prepping done lately is with the baby carrier. I may get some done while she is napping, but usually she will wake up before I am finished so then she just gets to join me


Is that not the cutest little bald head you ever did see? I promise she can breathe and isn’t smashed against my chest. She loves it in this thing and momma can get things done!

Alright, so what did we eat this week?

So like I said earlier, Monday’s are usually my grocery day so the beginning of the week starts out with leftovers usually or sometimes just eating out if we ran out of food.


Lunch: Apple Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad from Braum’s

I had a friend come over for lunch that day and I didn’t have enough food to make both of us something so she brought us over a salad. Obviously not the highest quality of food here, but ya know it’s actually a pretty decent salad if you are out and need something healthier and convenient. It’s not iceburge lettuce either it’s actually real green leaf lettuce so I think I actually got some good nutrients out of that.

Dinner: Leftover Paleo Spaghetti with a side salad

This is one of my go to recipes. So easy and makes for great leftovers! Our side salad was simple and consisted of spinach, chopped carrots and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.


Lunch: Leftover Paleo Spaghetti with a side salad

Dinner: Steak, Asaparagus and french fries from Chili’s

It was Luke’s birthday so we ordered chili’s to go and had a nice family night in without having to cook or clean any dishes! I don’t eat 100% clean all the time and I won’t ever lie to you all about that. I make it a point to keep clean healthy food in the house and eat at home a majority of the time and not stress about the rest. That’s just what works for us! Oh, and we watched the Batchelor. Don’t let him fool you and tell you he doesn’t love watching it was much as I do!!!


Lunch: Homemade Taco Soup made by Luke’s Aunt

Luke’s grandparents came in so we went out and ate at his aunt’s house for lunch that day. Not sure how she made it but it tasted good!

Dinner: Quinoa Fried Rice

This is an old recipe I found and is very filling! You really can make it however you like as far as what vegetables you add to it. I actually added in a pound of cooked ground venison for some extra protein this time.


Lunch: Baked wild caught salmon over quinoa topped with pico de gallo, side of sauteed zucchini and squash in olive oil


I baked enough salmon and cooked enough quinoa to last us a couple of lunches. To save time I also chopped all the zucchini/squash up ahead of time as well so I just had to throw it in the skillet when i was ready to eat and warm everything else back up. Easy and healthy!!

Dinner: Chicken Avocado Soup


This was really good! It was not an original recipe but you can grab the recipe by clicking on the link attached above!

If you want the healthiest chicken around with the best balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids you need to check out Slanker’s Grass Fed Meats! If you’ve never ordered from them before, make sure and let them know that Erin Finch referred you if you are ordering by phone and you can get $5 off your first order! If you order online, I would greatly appreciate you ordering through my link below as I do get a small commission for referrals! I buy mostly beef from them because it is more affordable but they sell a wide variety of products if you haven’t checked them out before! I’ve been ordering meat from them for over a year now and love all their products. They deliver locally now too for a small fee which is super convenient.

Order Slanker’s Grass Fed Meat Here!!

Feel free to ask me about their products before you buy if you’re unsure because I’ve tried a lot of their products!

Okay so onto Friday’s meals..


Lunch: leftover salmon, quinoa and zucchini/squash

Dinner: leftover chicken avocado soup

I like to keep it simple. Leftovers is the way to go to limit time in the kitchen when you don’t have a lot of it!

Let me know if you try any of my recipes and like them!!


This Week’s Workouts + Favorite Recipe I Ate This Week

So I haven’t posted a blog in literally FOREVER! Life has been crazy…in case you didn’t know I am now a MOM!!!

I won’t be doing any work for awhile until I feel like I am ready. I really have no set time  frame for how long I want to take time off. The plan is to have no plan and just enjoy being a mom to Ms. Harper Anne Finch for awhile. It’s not very easy for me to not have a plan because I am naturally a planner at heart, but I think this is  exactly what I need in this season of life as I transition into motherhood.  I am so greatful that I even have the opportunity to choose to do this as I know not every mother gets this option.

So for now, my days are filled with lots of snuggles, diaper changes, laundry, feedings, more feedings, more diaper changes, the occassional cry fit, naps, etc.

The lack of good quality sleep I am getting is enough to make me go crazy some nights, but when I wake up and see this cute face how can I even be mad???



Seroiusly!! I may be biased but she is SO cute i could die!! It’s a good thing babie’s are so dang adorable! They can drive you insane and then make you feel like you couldn’t love anything more all at the same time.

So in the transition of just being mom for awhile and deciding when I want to take on any work again, I have made it my goal to at least write one blog a week to stay in touch with you guys on what I am doing post partum to stay healthy and fit. I will be trying to do this every Friday, but as a mom I literally never know what my day will look like as much as I try and plan it.

Anyways, I thought I would start by sharing with you guys what my workouts have looked like post baby. Before I had Harper, I worked out at our local Crossfit gym 4-5 times a week which included lots of heavy lifting and more. Since I’ve had Harper, I decided to not go right back up to the gym because, knowing my competitive self, I would probably jump back into things too quickly and hurt myself, so I have decided to workout at home and make up my own workouts for awhile. Plus, I really never know when/if I’ll get to workout in a day anyways.. so it’s more convenient at the moment to do a quick workout wherever I can fit it in.

I took 3 weeks off from when I had Harper and did no working out at all. I think I maybe walked to the mailbox a couple of times just to get outside and actually got dressed and blow dried my hair for the day (that is seriously a workout right after you have had a baby). Other than that I was just in survival mode and trying to get as much rest and sleep as possible.

At the end of three weeks I finally had an itch to work out again. Since then I’ve made it my goal to fit in at least three interval/crossfit type at home workouts in a week and to walk as often as possible with my girl. The walking is a win win for me. For one, it is a guarantee that I can get Harper to sleep. She passes out the second I start strollng her, it is amazing, and I get some fresh air and peace and quite for however long I decide to walk. If it’s been a hard day/night I tend to walk longer so she will sleep longer and I get more peace and quite lol. If I’m lucky, she will keep sleeping when I stroll her inside and I like to fit in my workout right when I get home.

So here is what my workouts looked like this past week. Feel free to try these at home yourself and modify how you need to. Sorry.. I didn’t video or take pics of any of the movements so if you aren’t sure what something is I’m sure you tube or google can help you out.


15 minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

  • Minute 1: 30 second handstand hold against the wall (you could do a plank to modify)
  • Minute 2: 10 single kettlebell push press with 55# kettle bell (you could do push-ups if you don’t have a kettle bell)
  • Minute 3: 3 strict pull-ups (do like 20 cobras or 10 dumbell rows if you don’t have something to do pull-ups on or can’t do them. It will work your back muscles which is the goal here)

I did 2 rounds of this and then Harper got super fussy and was crying so I decided to add in one extra round where I held her and did squats for a minute. It calmed her down and it kept her content right up until I would finish a round and I would have to pick her up again lol. So if you’re a mom, do what you got to do to get your workout in and keep baby happy at the same time!

After I finished the EMOM, I rested and put Harper down for a nap. I then did 150 squats for time. I did it in 3:58. Holy crap my legs were so sore the next 3 days.


45 minute walk with my girl..


+ 15 minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible in 15 minutes)

  • 3 strict pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 lunges
  • 20 sit-ups

I did 6 rounds plus 3 more pull-ups


10 minute AMRAP

  • Following a ladder of increasing reps of 3-6-9-12 as far as you can go in 10 minutes of kettlebell goblet squats, kettlebell deadlifts and burpees ( I used 55# kettle bell and got through the round of 15 + 8 more squats)


We will be going country dancing tonight for my husbands birthday!!! I’m  really excited and anxious at the same time. The first night I met Luke we went dancing, so it is one of our favorite things to do together, but it’s also the first time I’m leaving Harper with a baby sitter that is not family. If you want a great calf workout..go country dancing. Seriously.

Lots of you are always asking what protein do I recommend. Currently, I use Vital Proteins and love it. I usually just mix it with some almond milk after my workouts or for an afternoon snack. It has no flavor so you can mix it in anything really. You can go check out their website for more info on the quality/benefits of using their product. I highly recommend it though! I wrote a blog on why I love it so much in the past. You can go check that out here.

Anyways, if you do decide you want to order some I do earn a small affiliate commission from anyone who orders through my link here.

I don’t ever recommend anything that I don’t use myself or believe in, so I would greatly appreciate you ordering through my link in support of this blog!

Ok, so now onto my favorite new recipe I tried this week!

Butternut Squash Soup


Doesn’t that just look cozy? I love making soups in the wintertime. They are a great make ahead meal that’s easy to re heat and eat on all week.

This is not an original recipe. You can get the recipe here. I used two granny smith apples instead of just 1.

Another one of my goals on top of blogging once a week is to try one new recipe a week. This helps keep things interesting and to not get bored of eating the same thing over and over. Eating healthy gets really boring if you eat the same thing all the time. Some people can do it, but I can’t. I have to change things up. This soup is great paired with a big salad, or a wrap (I love using Ezekiel brand sprouted grain wraps). This paired with a wrap has been my lunch all week. Yumm.

If little MIss Harper naps good next Friday giving me enough time to write another blog post, I’ll be posting again on what we ate for dinner all week!! Stay tuned..

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