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Power Smoothie Bowl

Last week I shared with you all my tips on how to manage holiday stress. One of my tips was to take care of yourself with good nutrition. To give you a practical way to do this during the holidays, I wanted to share with you all my favorite way to pack in a lot of nutrition in one simple meal or snack.

Introducing, the Power Smoothie Bowl.

smoothie bowl

Isn’t that pretty??

While smoothies are generally something I crave more in the warmer months of the year, it is by far, to me at least, the easiest way to pack in a LOT of nutrition when you you are either busy and need something quick OR just want to provide your body with as much good nutrition as you can before you indulge in some less healthier options that we all inevitably will choose to do over the holidays, at least a couple of times. I’m not so worried about the excess calorie consumption that may occur over the holidays at various meals and events but more about not giving my body enough essential nutrients that it needs to feel good, support my immune system, and have energy to enjoy the holidays! That’s why I love this Power Smoothie Bowl because it serves to kind of fill in the gaps on those days we choose to eat a meal that just doesn’t serve us so well nutritionally.

For all you busy mama’s out there with picky little ones, I have also been making these for lunch for my toddler and I as a way to sneak in some greens and other great things she doesn’t always eat. She loves to eat yogurt, so I figured if I served up her smoothie in a bowl she would be equally excited about eating it because she for some reason wasn’t always excited to drink her smoothie! It was a win and she loves them!

If you were wondering, these are the brands of yogurt we like to buy for Harper:

We prefer the unsweetened option in all of these brands and sweetening it ourselves with some raw honey and fresh berries. I have found all of these at health food stores like Whole Foods when out of town. The only one that is sold locally here in Paris is the So Delicious brand but they unfortunately don’t offer an unsweetened option. I have asked for them to carry it but they aren’t able to.

The ingredients below can be varied to your liking but this is my general outline for what I will put in it. Enjoy!

Power Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients for one serving:

Blend all together and top with granola!

**As a disclosure, I am an affiliate with Vital Proteins and so if you choose to order some for yourself I would greatly appreciate you ordering through my link provided in support of this blog. I do not ever recommend anything I have not used myself and believe in. Thanks in advance**

Happy Holidays!




Holiday Stress Management



Can you believe the holidays are already here?? Thanksgiving is next week and then Christmas will be here before we know it! While this is generally, for most people, a wonderful time of year, for many of us, it unfortunately is a time of year that brings an added source of stress on a number of levels.

But does it have to?

A lot of the stress we all may experience this time of year, I believe, is often self inflicted and can be avoided, or at least managed, by considering the following suggestions..

Learn To/Be Okay With Saying No

This is huge! There are so many activities and events and things to be participating in/helping out with this time of year. It is okay to say no to things that will just overwhelm you or you simply don’t have time for. No one has ever died because you said no to baking three dozen cookies for your child’s class Christmas party.

Let Go of Expectations You May Have To Do All of the Holiday Things

While many holiday traditions are wonderful, they are not always necessary, especially if they are adding unwanted stress to you during this season. Take some time before you enter into this season to reflect on how all of the things you want to do, or may have always done in the past tend to make you feel. For example..sending out Christmas cards, decorating the entire house with holiday decor, buying gifts for everyone, buying new outfits for your Christmas candlelight service, traveling, etc..

Do these things bring you stress or do you thoroughly enjoy getting to do them? None of these things are necessary to enjoy the holidays. The holidays will still go on if you happen to not get around to sending out Christmas cards this year of just can’t fit it in the budget.  My point here is to encourage you to not be boxed into this picture perfect ideal that you have of what the holidays should look like. Prioritize what is most important to you and brings you and your family/loved ones joy, not stress, and just let the rest go.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

It is okay to ask for help! Once you do, I think you will find most people are usually willing to, they just may not know you needed help until you asked. Make a list of all of the things you need to get done over the course of the holiday season and delegate what you can! Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are less of a person, it just means that you are human. We all need help from time to time and it is so freeing to be vulnerable and let others step in to do so.

Change Your Perspective

Most of the things we all stress over really are a blessing if we can just look at it through a different lens. Are you stressed over how many gifts you will have to buy this year and how much that will cost you? What a blessing it is that you have so many people in your life you love and have the opportunity to make feel special! Stressed about having to host a ton of people at your house with all the cleaning and cooking that it will require? What a gift it is that you have a place to gather with all of the people you love and are capable of providing them food and warm beds! Stressed about not having enough money to buy all the gifts you would like to for your kids and family this year? How beautiful is it that you have such a loving heart that desires to make your kids and family feel so loved and special! Your heart says so much more than things ever how can you get creative? Maybe you plan an experience or fun tradition that you all can do together this year instead that costs little to nothing. These are the things you and your family will cherish and remember much longer than any gift you could ever buy!

Take care of yourself

It is inevitable that you will most likely experience some stress over the holidays, so doing what you can to take care of yourself physically will go along way in reducing your stress load. If you have been following me for awhile now, you know that stress is ANY influence internal OR external that causes or leads to malfunction within the body. That means the unhealthy food you eat, lack of sleep you get, and lack of movement you do within each day will also be a source of stress on your body. So, pack in good nutrient dense meals when you can and be selective with meals/events you choose to indulge in. Don’t throw it all out the window for weeks on end, waiting for the new year as an excuse to eat clean again. You will feel so much better for doing so. Sleep and rest as much as you can. For some, this time of year may be the best time to catch up on sleep if you’re not working or have family members that can help watch kiddos while you catch a quick nap. A tired body is much more prone to feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Lastly, move more. Sign up for any holiday runs you can as something fun for the whole fam to do, get outside and walk if it’s nice, rake your leaves, or do some yoga. Whatever you feel good doing and were doing before the holidays, don’t stop! Exercising will not only give you energy and a clearer mind, but will help burn off some of the extra energy you may overconsume in food.

So there you have it! I hope these suggestions help you have a stress free and enjoyable holiday season!



Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies



Cookies for breakfast??


These healthy breakfast cookies are brought to you by

While everyone I think likes the idea of cookies for breakfast, this recipe find was inspired more for the mama’s out there that need a delicious way to sneak some more veggies in to their littles diet.

I made these cookies with my almost 2 year old in mind. She eats some vegetables but it just depends on the day and mood that she is in if she will touch them so I like to find fun ways to sneak them in more regularly for when she’s just not feeling it. They also make for a great snack for nursing mama’s and anyone really.

These cookies pack in a whole 2 heaping cups of shredded carrots are gluten free and refined sugar free.

As a bonus, the post linked to this recipe has breakfast cookies made four other ways if you’re not a fan of carrots. These just happen to be the only ones I made from her post and they were a big hit in our home.


Best Healthy Breakfast Cookies

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