About Cookies

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Further Information

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto ‘terminal equipment’ (e.g. a computer or smartphone) when you access a website. It allows the website to recognize your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions.

What Cookies do we use?

Some cookies we use are essential to the functioning of our Swiss Re Site. For example, remembering your log-in details to certain parts of our website. Some cookies help us with the performance and design of our website. This allows us to measure how many times a page has been visited, whether a page has been visited on the Swiss Re Site through an advertisement or by other means. Other cookies help us to remember your settings which you may have selected, or assist with other functionality when you browse and use our website. This helps us to remember what you have selected, so on your return visit we remember your preferences. On certain pages of the Swiss Re Site we use cookies to help us understand your interests as you browse the internet, so we can tailor and deliver to you a more personalized service in the future. This assists us in delivering relevant advertising to you during various advertising campaigns we may run from time to time through participating third party sites.

In addition, we also utilize cookies on certain pages of our Swiss Re Site to communicate with third party data suppliers in order to extrapolate your digital behavior. This helps us to understand and target more relevant advertising in the future. The information we receive is all aggregate and anonymous, but will include statistics such as demographics, online behavior, product interests and lifestyle. Targeting and tracking cookies are provided via trusted third party suppliers. Should you require more information regarding our suppliers and how these cookies operate please contact us.

How can you disable cookies?

If you do not want to receive a cookie from the Swiss Re Site, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, so that you may determine whether to accept it or not. However, please be aware that if you do turn off 'cookies' in your browser, you will not be able to fully experience some of the Swiss Re Site. For example, you will not be able to benefit from automatic log-on and other personalization features.

To disable or set your preferences on which cookies may apply to you, please go to cookie settings. The banner is displayed at the bottom of the website. You either simply accept all the cookies, which will provide you the best user experience. Or you can click the "Settings" button in the banner and decide which cookies will be used and which not. The necessary cookies cannot be turned off because the website would not work without them properly.

What web analytics services do we use?

We will use your connection data for statistical purposes and to manage and improve the usability of the Swiss Re Sites by means of particular software or cookies (see above).