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About Me

As a child I grew up eating whatever was put in front of me, literally. I have always been a food lover at heart and still am to this day. However, my love for food has changed. I look and see food in a completely differenty way now. In the past, loving food meant I paid no attention at all to the quality of food or how it was fueling my body. I ate simply for pleasure, boredom, or out of necessity because I was starving. Usually chocolate or spoonfulls of peanut butter if that was around. Because let’s be honest, is there any better combination? My diet, like most standard Americans, consisted of highly processed sugars, refined carbohydrates and oils, pasteurized dairy, commercialized meat products loaded with antibiotics and artificial flavorings, and commercialized fruits and vegetables. I had very little knowledge of how damaging and nutrient depleted most of the so called “healthy” foods I was eating on a regular basis were.

I remember being tired all the time in high school as an athlete. I never had much energy in the afternoons and probably could have fallen asleep at any moment during the day. In college it was even worse as I added on top of my nutrient depleted diet, stress, and extremely poor sleeping habits. I was more worried about calorie intake and not gaining the “freshman fifteen” than I was about feeding my body the vital nutrients it so desperately was craving for my demanding lifestyle. The total load of all of these combined led to me being sick often throughout college and just plain exhausted.

Need for Change

After I got married in 2011, I talked often with my husband about wanting to learn more about nutrition and taking my education further. The body and how it works has always been a huge passion of mine since I was young. I had my bachelors of science in health from Texas A&M University and became certified through NASM as a personal trainer. I began my own personal training business right when we got married, but after I had been doing that for awhile I wanted to further my education even more.  I knew I would be able to help my clients more than I already was if I had a broader understanding of how food plays into our health and well being as a whole. At the root was my desire to understand how to take care of myself as well. At this time I had just begun CrossFit and was starting to hear a lot about the “Paleo” diet. I was very interested. I camped out at the bookstore and read every book on that diet before deciding to try it myself. I wanted to understand the reasoning and the science behind why this way of eating worked for so many people. After reading and researching, it made sense to me. The whole method behind this way of eating was to eat real food. Eat meats, lots of fresh vegetables, some fruit, nuts, seeds and their oils. Simple enough. So I gave it a go.

For 30 days I stricly ate “Paleo” and the results I had after were amazing. I had so much more energy, I was finally sleeping all through the night and waking up feeling rested for the first time in a long time, my eyes were no longer puffy in the mornings, and I was not walking around feeling bloated all the time anymore. These were just a few of the things I noticed most. This sparked my passion even more to continue my education in nutrition. I saw first hand, how healing and energizing real food could be and this was just the beginning. After much research and prayer, I enrolled in Bauman College to become certified as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. There program opened my eyes to a whole new way to look at food. My love relationship with food slowly began to change and is still a journey of constant change and self experimentation to this day. I don’t look at food the same anymore.

A Turning Point

I see food now as fuel and our body’s best source of natural medicine in combination with healthy lifestyle choices. Before, food was simply an idol, calories in and calories out to look a certain way with no consideration of how damaging the processed and poor quality foods I was putting in my body were to my overall health and well being. Food is so much more than that. When we choose to eat a wide variety of seasonal, organic (when available), unprocessed and local foods, it becomes the fuel that gives us the energy to live, to breathe, and to enjoy life to the full. Who doesn’t want that? I pay much closer attention to the quality and variety of food that I buy now, and my health benefits tremendously from that.

Through experimentation, I have learned to understand what foods my specific body and metabolic type runs most efficiently on. And guess what? I eat WAY more than I used to and it has not effected my weight. That is the biggest win to me! Who doesn’t want to eat more food?

I have reduced inflammation in my body, acne, brain fog, constant bloating, improved my energy, mental clarity and greatly reduced illness by improving my immune system. As an athlete I also have seen much improvement in my recovery time. My soarness does not last as long.

I have learned to listen to my body and understand what specific nutrients it needs during different seasons of my life. I understand that we are all different and that each of us has a unique journey to discover when it comes to their relationship with food. What best fuels me might not be the best for someone else.

More to the Picture

With my education in nutrition, I began running local nutrition challenges and workshops, teaching people not only the importance of eating healthy but getting proper sleep, exercise, and managing their stress; all the things that are essential if one is to build their health.

What I was finding however was that some people, despite doing everything right, eating clean, exercising, getting good sleep etc., were still suffering from health complaints. Some people would still hold on to stubborn belly fat, still have digestive issues, still be sleeping poorly, still be so tired all the time, still struggle to wake up in the mornings, etc. You may even relate to what I am talking about. You may have done a challenge with me or with someone else and didn’t get the results you wanted.

So why is that? I knew there had to be more to the picture that I was missing. I was determined to learn more to better help not only my clients, but myself as well as I continued on my health journey.

Being in the Crossfit and Paleo world, I heard about this huge conference called the Paleo(fx) that was being held in Austin, Texas. Paleo(fx) is a large scale holistic wellness event that covers nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self development and everything in between. I signed up for the 2015 annual event since it wasn’t too far away from my local hometown and went not knowing what to expect!

It was at Paleo(fx) that I met Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition at a small meet and greet for fitness and nutrition professionals.

As we talked, he was telling me all about the program that he founded that certifies people to interpret a series of functional labs that allow us to get to the root of our clients symptoms instead of just guessing what’s wrong with them, giving them advice to try certain diets, fitness programs, stress management techniques etc., only to frustratingly watch them continue suffering from symptoms when they seem to be doing everything right.

I was fascinated and knew this was EXACTLY what I was looking for to take my business to the next level and help my clients even more.

A couple months after I got home from the conference, I finally pulled the trigger to sign-up for his program and started on my journey towards becoming a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner.

I learned SO much through Reed Davis’s course and am so much more confident to help my clients with the education that I now have. With functional labs, I am now able to test and not guess what is going on at a deeper level with each of my clients.

H.I.D.D.E.N. Stress

Through Reed Davis’s program, I have learned an incredible amount about about how stress negatively affects every part of our body leading to multiple symptoms and health complaints if it is not managed properly.

Stress is defined by Reed Davis as any influence, internal or external including but not limited to, psychological, structural, biochemical or environmental influences that cause or lead the body into a state of imbalance/metabolic chaos.

If you ever want to reach your health goals, whatever they may be, you must work on removing as many stressors as possible including the stress we can’t always see.

The stress we can’t always see we like to call H.I.D.D.E.N. stress, coined by Reed Davis, and it stands for stress within the hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification, energy and nervous systems. If stress within any of these systems go undetected and untreated, you will never reach your health goals.

Functional labs are the answer to getting to the root of your health complaints, allowing us to detect HIDDEN stress that otherwise may go undetected.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

FDN is a health building program that works in a nonspecific manner to get to the root cause of all health complaints/issues and seeks to restore the whole body back to a state of health and balance. As an FDN practitioner, I do this through running a series of functional lab tests that reveal hidden stressors within the body, customized natural drug-free supplement protocols, as well as educating my clients on the importance of proper nutrition, rest, exercise and stress reduction in a way that allows the client to take full control of their health for the rest of their lives.

FDN is the missing piece to helping my clients reach their health goals!

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