Meeting the complex needs of a growing ageing population

We are living longer and having fewer children. Our society is ageing at a pace that keeps multiplying. By 2050, almost a quarter of the world's population will be over 65. This is a market ripe for opportunity as insurers look for new ways to provide financial protection.

Older age is becoming the new norm, but there is no norm for older age.

Everyone travels a unique path to retirement and has different needs along the way. Developing financial solutions that stick means they must first be designed to specifically meet the hopes, fears and needs of each consumer.

We are looking to partner with insurers willing to explore new ways to create affordable, accessible solutions and help ensure that a longer life can also be a secure life.

Covering dementia risk:  Creating new ways to help ageing consumers

Ageing solutions

Fear of getting dementia ranks among the top concerns of a growing ageing population.  Swiss Re's consumer research shows that many consumers would purchase an insurance solution to tackle this risk. 

Through trials we've learned how much consumers will pay for a solution that bundles financial support and services.  What features and services do they value the most? 

Read our summary and come talk with us.

Many seniors want to live in their home longer, even in the face of disability.  It's a worthy ambition and we want to help make it possible and affordable.  Together with a few forward-thinking insurers, we've developed solutions based on what consumers told us they want.  We've solved the balance of risk and cost by using a combination of financial support and optional added services with some built-in limits to keep the product affordable.  Come explore more with us.


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