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The Australian insurance sector has long contended with intense price competition. Adding to the challenge are the increasingly commoditised personal insurance products and record-breaking impacts from natural disasters. We also observed property insurance claims significantly above average. With limited access to reliable and accurate insurance exposure data, insurers need enhanced market strategies and underwriting performance to unlock sustainable growth in residential property portfolios and balance insurance portfolio performance.

At Swiss Re, we can help you enhance efficiency and decision making throughout the insurance value chain by harnessing the power of data, novel models and advanced analytics.


Power your decision-making with Australia Property Intelligence

Get actionable risk intelligence from relevant data and risk models to power your property insurance business.

We worked with our artificial intelligence partner to architect a property insurance modelling for residential properties in Australia. Building on our extensive risk experience and data, we built a state-of-the-art predictive model to enable property insurers to better understand their property risk exposure and identify segments for profitable growth.

The Property Intelligence platform facilitates comprehensive portfolio analysis and a detailed assessment of an insurer's property concentration risk.​ Working with the Australia Property Intelligence tool, an insurer can identify the risk characteristics of insurable properties in Australia, compare the risk profile of your portfolio to the market and learn about potential accumulation risks.


Steer your property insurance portfolio and discover new growth opportunities

Our easy to use, plug-and-play property intelligence solution enhances underwriting processes and empowers you to develop risk address-based pricing decisions. It enables effective portfolio steering while helping identify opportunities to estimate the impact on a portfolio, benchmark against the market and identify loss drivers.

Make better decisions with high-quality insights

  • 15 data sources harmonised to give a comprehensive view of the market and risk landscape
  • 10.2 million property addresses in the combined database
  • 250 attributes per property, and
  • 98.95% of addresses with building and contents values.


Property Insights hosted on Impact+, our plug-and-play analytics platform

Models and data can be accessed in real-time through the Impact+ platform directly. The platform offers a wide range of functionalities for enhanced data analysis and visualisation. Identify how properties are exposed to natural catastrophes, including hail, bushfires, floods, and cyclones.

Insurance exposure – Create a residential property intelligence database with more than 250 risk attributes at the individual address level, based on insights from multiple data sources.

Dynamic post-event analytics – Provide advanced models with interactive dashboards to access fast analytics and insights following a natural catastrophe event for improved cost estimation and quicker response time to insurance policyholders.

Market benchmark - Support growth ambitions to gain profitable market share. Predictive pricing is based on non-traditional data sources and unparalleled access to leading natural catastrophe risk models.

Swiss Re Impact+

Swiss Re Impact+ gives our clients access to an extensive insurance-relevant data landscape, composed of more than 200 individual data-sets, coupled with Swiss Re's risk expertise, risk models and advanced analytics, all in one place.

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