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DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

When it comes to taking good care of our health it doesn’t just stop at exercising and eating good clean high quality foods these days. So many personal care products are full of synthetic chemicals and toxins that harm our health as well.

Our skin is our largest organ and is capable of absorbing 60% of what we put on it so you better believe what you put on your skin will contribute to your overall health.

“Some of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals found in personal care products are also some of the most common ingredients in products you may be using today.” -Katheryn Seppamaki |

Now I’ll admit, it can be quite overwhelming when people are telling you you need to change your diet, start exercising, and then on top of that you even need to swap out pretty much all your home and beauty products you have been using for probably your whole life..

For some people, maybe that’s you, the information overload can be enough to paralyze you and consequently cause you to not make any change at all.

Start slow if all this is new to you..small changes over time will eventually lead to a complete lifestyle change. Don’t try and tackle more than you can handle and contribute to even more stress in your life that you don’t need. When it comes to swapping out home and beauty products just do one at a time and eventually before you know it your home and beauty products will be toxin/chemical free!

With that being said, this is one of my favorite new recipes I have been using to make a natural body scrub. It is SO SIMPLE and you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen already!

The dangerous part about this recipe is that it is edible and includes sugar, so you technically could eat it. I would recommend not even trying it because once you do, you will find yourself using it as a snack in the shower instead of a body scrub..yes I am guilty of this lol!! The good news though is because it is made of all edible ingredients you know it is perfectly healthy for your skin and free of any nasty chemicals.

This natural body scrub recipe is made up of only 3 simple ingredients:

Coconut Oil: a natural chemical free moisturizer with disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. It is also rich in  many proteins that keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Ever since I have started using coconut oil on my skin my skin has never felt so soft and smooth.

Sugar: Just simple refined white sugar acts as a natural exfoliant when combined with the coconut oil that will successfully scrape off excess dead skin as well as get rid of unwanted substances that might be clogging your pores. You can choose more coarse sugars that are less refined if you want a rougher scrub.

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice: The fresh squeezed lime juice will also help to scrub out dead cells and most of all in combination with the coconut oil it simply smells amazing! It’s so refreshing and will make you wish you were at a beach drinking a pina colada.

You could also use lime essential oil as well for this recipe.

If you’re ready to swap out your toxin/chemical filled body scrubs for this natural homemade scrub I don’t think you will be disappointed. It would also make for an easy homemade gift!

Now due to the nature of the saturated fat in the coconut oil it will harden in colder temperatures so if you are using this in the winter time just run the jar under a little bit of hot water and it will soften up pretty quickly. You also can just scrape some out with your hand and it will soften automatically in the warmth of your hands.


Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub



  • 1 part coconut oil
  • 2 parts sugar (just plain white refined works great or you can choose a different less refined sugar depending on the consistency you want the scrub to be)
  • juice of fresh squeezed lime (there isn’t an art here, just squeeze enough in until it smells like you would like it to)
  • 1 glass jar


  1. Mix all together in a mixing bowl until well combined and then scoop into your desired glass container.
  2. Depending on the temperature, you may need to warm the coconut oil up just slightly to a consistentcy that will mix easily.

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