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Do you have a Passion for Helping Others and Natural Healthy Living?

Do you have a natural passion for helping people?

Do you also have a passion for natural healthy living?

Is your viewpoint more towards natural solutions rather than drugs and surgery?

If so, then I would invite you to consider the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Course.



This is the certification course that I personally went through to be able to further help not only my clients but my family as well.

I currently run a very part time practice and am able to only help a few people at a time however, I have people asking me all the time if I can help them and I have to turn them away or put them on a waiting list! Trust me, the need is there for more holistically minded health care providers and you would have an opportunity to help change people’s lives drastically if you went through this course.

Even if I chose to not make any profit off of the education I received and decided to never start my own practice, I would do this course over again in a heartbeat! I learned SO much valuable information in this course that gave me the confidence to better take care of not only my clients but myself and my family as well for the rest of our lives. In other words, even if you just have a desire to learn more and work on your own health as well as your families, this course is for you!

I not only am more confident in coaching my clients on the foundations of building health through customized nutrition, rest and good quality sleep, appropriate exercise, and managing stress, but I also now have a professional relationship with  well respected functional lab companies that allow me to order test kits for myself and my clients. These tests are a key part in my coaching and allow us to stop guessing and get to the root of main health complaints.

The three main labs that I currently run with my clients include Oxford Biomedical Technologies MRT (food sensitivity test), Precision Analytical DUTCH test (a complete hormone panel), and Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP (a comprehensive stool panel that tests for multiple parasites within the gut and other important gut immune markers). The FDN course has allowed me to not only have access to these incredible labs, but has also trained me in accurately interpreting and putting together customized protocols for myself and my clients based off of lab test results.

I absolutely LOVE what I get to do! Below are a couple of testimonials from my most recent clients.

“This has changed my life! I have been suffering from stomach cramps and blood sugar issues for years, and recently was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I was in severe pain, on several medications, and unable to do my normal every day activities. After working with Erin, I am taking one medication, have no stomach pain, and experiencing occasional mild arthritis pain! I am amazed at how food affects inflammation in the body! She makes eating healthy a breeze with her delicious recipes and grocery lists! Thank you for showing me a whole new way of living! I’m able to live life again! ”   -Angie Duren

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Erin Finch at Holistically Fed. I had been struggling for quite some time with numerous health issues and symptoms. I had been trying to eat healthier and reading as much information as I could about clean eating and many other different plans to sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle yet as I incorporated much of this information into my daily routine I still struggled with symptoms.

A friend had told me about Erin’s website and blog. After speaking with Erin, we agreed that the one on one coaching and the food sensitivity testing would be something that I could benefit from.

It was amazing to see the lab results and realize many healthy foods I consumed on a regular basis were actually foods I was sensitive to. The one on one coaching that Erin provides is amazing. She was able to use the lab results and create a custom eating plan for me that removed all the items I was sensitive to and created a shopping list based on this as well. Erin has a gift for teaching and helping you to succeed in this new lifestyle. Each week we worked on a different area so that I was not overwhelmed by incorporating everything at once. We had weekly calls and discussed how the week was and reviewed items I had been working on before moving on to a new area. She also would send recipes that fit into the specific plan for me. Erin has a heart for health and nutrition and she celebrates the successes with you. Our focus was to help me relieve my symptoms and gain health and energy. We succeeded. Each day I logged my symptoms and it was such a wonderful feeling to wake up one day and realize I actually had no symptoms!

I am so thankful for the information Erin has shared with me and the things she has taught me during our time together. I highly recommend her and the services she provides and look forward to working with her in the future as I continue to seek a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.”  -Jennifer Blount 

“When I became a client of Erin’s, I thought I was dealing with a suppressed immune system. Well, on the plan Erin developed for me, my gut issues were straightened out, my sinus infections went away, my young children weren’t able to share their illnesses and germs with me, and I lost a healthy amount of weight in a healthy time period.

Unfortunately, as time went on, Erin being a good diagnostic nutrionist, encouraged me to continue seeking answers for things that weren’t normal. At time of writing I’m now in a wheel chair most of the time and am undiagnosed but according to the Mayo Clinic in the realm of some motor neuron disease. When the doctor met with me last time, he told me if I was not as healthy as I was, I would find myself in a much worse condition. I knew that but it was reaffirming to hear the impact Erin’s plan has had on me. If you are thinking about becoming Erin’s client, don’t hesitate, do it now! Even though I’m dealing with a weird progressive neurological condition, so many aspects are much better than before and I’m thankful for Erin’s help.” -Wade Pierce

If you have any desire at all to learn more, please feel free to call me at 940-224-9833 or email me at and I would love to discuss more with you about the course.

You can also go and visit the functional diagnostic nutrition course website to learn more as well as register for the course.

The public is crying out for healthcare providers to help them with the cause of their health problems! We need more and you could be one of them!


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    • Hey Kimberly! If you are still interested in the course, please reach out to me at and we can set up a time to chat more if you have questions. I would greatly appreciate you signing up through my link as I do earn a commission for any referrals. Thanks!!

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