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Swiss Re's Group Topics

We share our knowledge and risk insights on key topics that have a significant impact on society and the insurance industry. Through our thought leadership on these topics and by providing solutions to address the risks they present, we're fulfilling our vision of making the world more resilient.​​

Advancing the Societal Benefits of Digitalisation

Digitilisation is a great enabler but presents unique risks. Swiss Re uses digitalisation as a lever to reduce the protection gap and make the world more resilient. By harnessing digitalisation and data, we provide partners and customers with best-in-class products, solutions and services. To earn and sustain stakeholders’ trust, we foster and advocate rigorous standards and frameworks on digital governance, data protection and privacy, transparency and security.
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Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a key linchpin in assuring the viability of our planet. At Swiss Re, we insure, invest, operate and share our knowledge in a way that tackles sustainability challenges and creates long-term value. We enable the transition to a net-zero society. Our sustainability ambitions are to mitigate climate risk and advance the energy transition, build societal resilience and drive affordable insurance with digital solutions.
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Living Longer, Healthier Lives

As society continues to grapple with an evolving pandemic, we face other life and health challenges, such as aging populations, insurance protection gaps, and preventing and managing chronic diseases. Swiss Re strives to make life & health insurance more affordable, available and accessible to close the protection gap that leaves people and societies vulnerable to financial hardship. Data-driven insights about health, aging populations and pandemics support solutions tailored to address risk factors that imperil our well-being, erode prosperity and threaten gains in healthy longevity.
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Mitigating Climate Risk

Climate change poses one of the most pervasive challenges to our planet and our prosperity. The insurance industry is directly exposed to climate risk but is also at the frontline of dealing with it. We work with clients and partners to make societies more resilient by addressing underinsurance, protecting communities and businesses from natural catastrophes, and supporting the transition to a net-zero future.
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Strengthening Global Cooperation

In a world that is increasingly turning away from globalisation and international collaboration, Swiss Re advocates global cooperation. This includes a multilateral approach towards macro-economic, legislative and social conditions that facilitate our vision of making the world more resilient at the national, regional and global levels.
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​Risk Knowledge

Risk Knowledge provides fresh perspectives on key topics, with a focus on enabling growth and innovation in the insurance industry.