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Holistically Fed in Ocklewaha, Florida + good quality whey protein powder I recommend

Hello from Ocklewaha, Florida!!! I cannot believe I will be living here for an entire month. I am such a summer girl so this is like my dream come true to be in Florida for the whole month. So, to update you on why the heck I am here..

My husband is on Young Life Staff in Paris, Texas. About every other year he gets placed on an assignment for an entire month to work at a Young Life camp. We never know where he will end up. It’s always a surprise which makes it kind of fun. The first year he went on an assignment, he was placed in Georgia. I only got to fly up for one week of that assignment to be with him. This year however, I was able to come the whole time with him!! That is the beauty of working for yourself. I brought my computer, my books, and am working with a few clients via e-mail and phone on top of putting together some exciting new nutrition/wellness programs to implement when I get back in town.  Please go check out my services page here to find out more about the services I offer and how I can help you. If you would simply like to follow me to receive fitness and nutrition motivation, daily tips, and healthy recipes, you can follow my Holistically Fed Facebook page, Instagram, or sign-up for my FREE monthly newsletter here. I can work with you no matter where you are located to get you started on your journey towards health and wellness.

So, all that to say, I am in in Ocklewaha, Florida for an entire month. Apart from the work that I intend on doing, my role is simply to be a spouse wife (aka: do whatever the heck I want. aka: lounge by the pool A LOT, read a good book or two, kayak, explore the local surrounding towns, etc..) and of course my most important role is to be a supportive and loving wife to my hard working man. His role this year is much more laid back than it was our first year on assignment which means I will get to see and hang out with him much more. I am very greatful for this and am excited to simply pull away from the business of every day life back in Paris Texas. I am so thankful.  I sure am going to miss all of our wonderful friends and my precious young life girls that I love so much, but I am going to embrace every minute of the four weeks I have here. I understand this is not something everyone gets a chance to do. Here are a few pics of my home away from home for four weeks:


View from right outside our room. I am in love. Pretty regularly there are beautiful crane’s roaming around in this area.


The Boathouse: we have a room in this house and share the whole house with about 5 other people.


The community kitchen. I could get used to this.



Our bedroom: Sorry I did not feel like making our bed for a nice picture..probably won’t be making it all month either. Let’s be real, I really never make it at home either unless I know people will be walking in and seeing our room. This is a KING size bed which we are not used to. I love it. I can sprawl out like I like to every night and not be kicking Luke in the back haha. He definitely loves that.


Window looking outside our room! Love how bright it makes our room during the day!

Now if you know me and my husband you know we cannot go an entire month without working out. This is something we thoroughly enjoy doing for ourselves, but even more than that it is something we enjoy doing together. Over the last year we really have taken to CrossFit. We love it. It has given both of us a wonderful new set of friends outside of Young Life as well as given us new goals and things to strive for in our physical fitness. I personally have seen so much improvement in my overall fitness in just one year it is crazy. I am truly fascinated and inspired by all that I am capable of doing if I simply set my mind to it. This is true for anyone. One of my favorite quotes is

“I am convinced that those who say that they can and those that say that they cannot are both right”-author unknown.

Is that not so true? I love that!! Of course if you tell yourself you can’t do something you never will be able to. To accomplish things in life you have to first tell yourself you can. The mind is a powerful thing.

So there is your quote of the day.

So, like I was saying. Luke and I cannot go a month without working out, so our good friends Kyle and Alycia as well as our local Cross Fit gym, hooked us up with some CrossFit equipment that we loaded up in our Tahoe and brought with us all the way to Ocklewaha, Florida. We are that couple. I do not care because I am so excited. We are SET! We even have jump ropes and two sets of rings that I plan on hanging from some trees to practice my muscle ups on ;).  I’ve also spotted a few tires laying around I will probably make use of eventually as well. Here is a look at our gym for the next month.


Obviously not ideal, but we are going to make it work. I might just die of heat stroke because there is no where for us to workout inside with this equipment. My goal is to workout then jump in the pool immediately after every day. Or wake up at 5:30 am to beat the heat. I was hoping to do some laps in the lake until I found out there were alligators. I think I will stick to the pool. I will be posting what I do for my workout some days on my Instagram and Facebook page if you would like to follow me there.

So as you all know already, we are living on a Young Life camp site for a month which means we will be eating camp food a majority of the time. Now if we wanted to, we could go buy groceries and eat clean healthy food all month if we wanted because we have our own kitchen in our little house, but why would I do that when we get FREE food?? So, I have settled with buying us at least some healthy clean breakfast foods to start our day off right, and healthy snacks to fuel us throughout the day. I also have brought with us some good quality whey protein to fuel us after our workouts. I think we will survive eating some processed camp food in the meantime to save some money. Moments like these are why I strive to eat clean and healthy a majority of the time. We will be fine for a month eating some not so healthy foods. Young Life does it right though. So, even though it might not be clean, it is pretty dang delicious!

Here is the whey protein powder that I buy and recommend.


You can order some for yourself here. If you would like to receive $10 off your first order of $30 or more please message me through my contact page your e-mail and I will be happy to send you a link to join VitaCost. It is completely free. It is a wonderful resource that I buy most of my supplements from. They are always offering great deals.

There are plenty of other whey proteins out there that are good quality, but this one not only fit all the needs I was looking for, but was also decently priced! Some good quality whey proteins are just so expensive it’s crazy.  Not to mention, it actually tastes good too! I have tried other protein powders that are good quality that taste like dirt. Literally. No flavor and leave a bitter after taste. That is not the case with this protein powder. Most importantly it is sourced from grass-fed cows meaning there are no antibiotics, growth hormones or nasty pesticides in this product (all of these things are toxic to our bodies and create a burden on our liver). This product is also processed at low heat meaning the protein is not denatured by the high heat that is typically used in many other protein powders. When it is processed at high heat, enzymes are destroyed as well as other vital nutrients and subsequently the protein is not able to be processed or used as efficiently, if at all, by your body. So if you buy proteins that are processed at high heat, you are wasting your money. If you are not sure just by reading on the product label, CALL THEM! That is what I did with this product. I called and they ensured me it was processed at low heat and sourced from grass-fed cows. For more information on how to choose a good quality protein powder check out an awesome article posted by Dr. Mercola here.

He explains exactly what to look for and why. It is an excellent resource worth reading if you supplement with protein.

Hope you found this to be helpful! Please share this post with friends and family that would benefit from this information as well!

Until next time, Eat well, Sweat often, and Love Always!



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