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Swiss Re Foundation

The Swiss Re Foundation reflects the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re. Together with our partners and Swiss Re employees, we support efforts to strengthen societal resilience in countries where we operate and in targeted developing regions.

Our focus areas

To concentrate our efforts and increase our impact, we've defined priority themes that apply to our activities both at Swiss Re locations and in selected developing regions.

Our strategic commitments

Our strategic commitments aim to help realise the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, foster resilient societies and complement Swiss Re's overall sustainability objectives. We strive to share expertise and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. Knowing we can multiply impact by teaming up with the right experts, we collaborate with diverse partners – from research universities and think tanks through social enterprises to aid organisations and development-focused NGOs.

Our corporate volunteering programmes

An important partner is Swiss Re itself, which not only funds the Foundation but also gives us access to the knowledge and networks of Swiss Re employees and clients. Our growing set of employee volunteering opportunities fall into three clusters:

Lending a hand – hands-on volunteering programmes to support charity partners in Swiss Re locations with challenges related to our focus areas

Sharing skills – competence-based expert engagement to specifically coach selected partners over a longer period

Leading with impact – sharing specific skills with our partners while also giving Swiss Re experts an opportunity to develop their leadership skills

Charitable commitments

Our charitable commitments focus on the locations where Swiss Re has offices. Globally, our charitable commitments consist mainly of financial grants for emergency relief measures after severe catastrophes, often supplemented by donations from Swiss Re employees.