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Kale Vs. Cow – The Case for Better Meat

Meat, specifically red meat, has been unfairly demonized for a long time as a contributor to poor health.

Whether you fall into the camp of people that agree with this or not for various reasons, I think it is only fair and wise that everyone make a decision for their own personal nutrition choices AFTER hearing and researching both sides of the story.

Recently, we are seeing so many more films and documentaries that are only showing one side of the story. For example, said films and documentaries paint the picture that all animals are raised in concentrated buildings, with concentrated lights, and that all meats are grown in labs etc..when this is not true at all.

The most recent documentary that has gotten a lot of press for this approach was “What The Health”. Feel free to go watch it for yourself, but again, do your research and be open to hearing both sides of the story.

If you are open to hearing the other side of the story (because I know not everyone is and that’s ok), I am excited to let you in on a very exciting project that Diana Rodgers, Registered Dietitian and founder of Sustainable Dish has embarked upon.

For the past 15 years, Diana Rodgers has lived and worked on an organic farm raising vegetables and pasture-based animals. After curing herself of Celiac Disease and a blood sugar roller coaster through an ancestral based diet back in 2010, she made it her life’s mission to help others through diet and lifestyle change. She has written two best selling books and built a successful clinical practice for herself, but she wants to do more…something BIG!

She is currently busy working on a film called ‘Kale Vs. Cow – The Case for Better Meat’. This film aims to give an accurate picture of the other side of the story that has been demonized for far too long.




To learn more about this film and watch a short video on what the film will be about, you can  follow this link.

This is a message that needs to get out, but the only way that it will get out is if she is able to raise enough money to put the whole film together.

This is where you come in!! If this is a topic you are passionate about or just want to learn more about to make more educated decisions about your food choices, please consider donating towards this project. The link I provided above will also provide you with the option to donate if you wish to do so.

To hear more of Diana Rodgers heart behind the film, you can go listen to this recent interview she did with Liz Wolf on the Balanced Bites Podcast.

Here are a few quotes that stood out to me in this interview:
“At the end of the day I’m not saying kale is bad and cows are good, I’m saying we need both. We need plants and animals to have a healthy system moving forward. It’s just completely unsustainable to completely remove plants and vice versa.” -Diana Rodgers

“We’re seeing whole cultures collapse from diabetes and it’s not because they’re eating more meat..This (the message that she is trying to get out through this film) effects food policy, this effects snap, this effects school lunches, this effects the dietary guidelines. This whole anti-meat idea seems really innocent and it’s really not, because it’s avoiding the whole argument out there, or the elephant in the room which is processed foods.” -Diana Rodgers

I personally am really excited for this film to come out and can’t wait to watch it hopefully in the near future! Please share this with anyone else you think may be interested in getting this message out as well.

In the meantime, while we wait for it to be put together, did you know we have an incredible grass-fed meat farm located in Powderly, Texas?

Well, we do! Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats.



Go check them out! They deliver locally and also ship all over the US. They sell a wide variety of high quality meats and provide a library of educational articles on their website as well if you wish to begin reading more on the benefits of grass-fed meats. If you have never ordered from them before, make sure to let them know that Erin Finch referred you and you will get $5 off your first order. You will only get the $5 off if you call in your order and personally tell them over the phone I referred you! Otherwise, I would greatly appreciate you ordering through the link above as I am an affiliate with them and do get a small commission for every order placed through my link.

Until next week. Best in Health.


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