Confidence. Trust. And a long-standing reputation as number 1. L&H Underwriters around the world depend on Life Guide to support reliable decisions that build a strong and sustainable portfolio. And now, Life Guide's new platform is paired with better, faster, and more flexible technology that works for you to make your life easier.​

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Make confident underwriting decisions with Life Guide: featuring a NEW cardiometabolic calculator, up-to-date, leading-edge evidence, and enhanced mental health guidance.

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Life Guide is consistently rated by NMG as the industry's No.1 underwriting guide. We thank you for the recognition and will do everything we can to maintain that distinction.

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Underwriting is adapting quicker than ever before. And along with it, Life Guide – the industry's number 1 underwriting resource.

Navigating through uncertainty

Even during uncertain times, Life Guide brings a steady perspective and steer. Up-to-date Guidance for COVID-19 now available in Life Guide.

Integrity and consistency for the long run

Life Guide is backed by the expertise of Swiss Re underwriters, doctors and actuaries who monitor the latest medical, regulatory and technological developments. This cutting-edge information is baked right in and delivers confidence to the decisions you make.

Paul Murray blog Risk assessment for the future: humans and technology

"I see technology as a catalyst to operate at our highest levels and achieve more than ever imagined. It's about investing in new capabilities, not to replace human value and work, but to elevate it."
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