Living longer, healthier lives

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Living longer, healthier lives

Swiss Re is pioneering new ways to help insurers and their customers manage dynamic risks and to improve people's health and wellbeing in all phases of their lives.

The urgent need to improve people's health and wellbeing in all societies creates risks and opportunities for insurers. Swiss Re's data-driven solutions help fuel prosperity, boost healthy longevity, and ensure financial peace of mind so that our clients and their customers can fulfil their potential. Our underwriting innovations make life and health insurance more affordable, available, and accessible, helping close the protection gap that leaves too many people vulnerable to uncertainty.​

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Health risk factors and prevention

Swiss Re offers solutions to insurers and their customers to navigate the impacts of cancer, mental health, and rare and chronic diseases on mortality and morbidity. Swiss Re relies on data to empower people to take charge of their health destinies, helping them improve their well-being and boost the resilience of individuals and society.

Ageing populations

People around the globe are living longer, intensifying the challenges associated with their complex post-retirement lives. Innovative insurance solutions provide protection and financial security to people as they age and as their needs change. A trusted insurance industry partner, Swiss Re joins our customers to help them manage and transfer their portfolios' dynamic risks, helping them grow, boost profitability and improve their capital positions. 

Building pandemic resilience

Insurers play a key role in helping navigate life-changing crises that affect hundreds of millions or billions of people once a generation – or once a century. We have fulfilled our role as a financial shock absorber for individuals and society by supporting clients in times of greatest need. Our data-driven insights about communicable diseases help our insurance customers, their clients and the broader public make better decisions to manage the ongoing challenges of this pandemic - and to be ready for the next one.

Closing the protection gap

Swiss Re's ultimate purpose is to make insurance more available and affordable to more people, with the aim of extending financial peace of mind to groups that have traditionally been underserved by insurance protection. We evaluate and deploy new digital solutions that rely on growing sources of health data, to help to make Life & Health underwriting more efficient and user-friendly for our insurance customers and for their clients.

Navigating a changing landscape

Swiss Re stands for helping insurers manage dynamic life and health risks.

Covid-19 Swiss Re is helping prepare for the next big challenge: Living with COVID-19

Discover Swiss Re is helping prepare for the next big challenge: Living with COVID-19


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Our solutions

  • Underwriting automation. Unlock possibilities with Magnum.

    Transform your underwriting with Magnum – Swiss Re's globally recognized leader among automated life insurance underwriting engines according to The Forrester Wave™ . ​

  • Life Guide has you covered

    Better, more intuitive interface. Faster AI-powered search engine. Flexible, state-of-the-art technology. Introducing the new, revolutionised Life Guide platform. ​

  • Meeting the complex needs of a growing ageing population

    We are living longer and having fewer children. Our society is ageing at a pace that keeps multiplying. By 2050, almost a quarter of the world's population will be over 65. This is a market ripe for opportunity as insurers look for new ways to provide financial protection. ​

  • Solutions to address modifiable risks like type 2 diabetes

    Can insurers play a role in improving society's health and slowing the explosion of diseases like type 2 diabetes?​



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