Transform your underwriting with Magnum – Swiss Re's globally recognized leader among automated life insurance underwriting engines according to The Forrester Wave™. Now introducing Magnum Select, Swiss Re's new underwriting automation engine for clients seeking flexibility in their automated underwriting journey. Tap into new channels and boost sales, cut down application time from weeks to minutes, increase conversion and straight-through processing to achieve operational efficiencies, while enhancing customer experience thanks to Magnum's cutting-edge cloud technology and powerful Life Guide base rules.

Get more from your data. Magnum Analytics leverages powerful data-driven insights to inform your business decisions so you can seize new opportunities.

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Magnum Go: a faster path to underwriting automation*

Fast track your underwriting automation with Magnum Go. This cloud-based, customized solution can get you started in no time. Develop your products and design your new digital journey in collaboration with our team of experts. You’ll increase conversion, cut costs, increase your analytics capabilities and enhance your customer experience.

*Certified by the Digital Trust Label, a symbol of trustworthiness in security, data protection, reliability and Fair User Integration.
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Magnum Select. Flexible underwriting automation

Magnum Select is the latest addition to the Magnum suite of automated underwriting solutions. It's an innovative SaaS solution that adds more flexibility to your point-of-sale underwriting automation, whether you're just starting or further advancing your digital journey. With Magnum Select you can configure and optimise rules to your underwriting philosophy, so you can deliver decisions anywhere, anytime, with confidence.
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Magnum Pure: full-service underwriting automation

Our original, full-service underwriting automation solution that doubles as your super power: faster application processing, improved customer experience, lower operating costs, better reporting and deeper insight into the business you're writing.
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Magnum Analytics: insights for sharper business decisions

Transform your business by understanding your data. Magnum Analytics is our state-of-the-art analytics and reporting solution that helps you gain insights from your Magnum data to optimise your business decisions.

Magnum Analytics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, available for Magnum Go and Magnum Pure, fully managed by Swiss Re, requiring minimal implementation effort. It offers an innovative and easy-to-use web-based interface that leverages industry-leading BI software and a vast array of out-of-the-box analytics tools and reports so you can understand your data, at a glance.
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