Managing our assets

Creating value through re/insurance asset management

Asset Management creates value for Swiss Re and its shareholders by managing the assets generated from the core insurance and reinsurance business. We drive sustainable performance by following a disciplined, long-term oriented investment approach and focusing on a high quality investment portfolio. We are a truly global and well-diversified investor, entering markets strategically through our highly flexible investment platform and superior market access. Given our stable funding structure, as well as our broad portfolio scope, we consider ourselves well-positioned to be a strong contributor to Swiss Re’s financial performance and help to minimise earnings volatility through prudent long-term investment.

Our clients are Swiss Re's Business Units: Reinsurance and Corporate Solutions. Their combined portfolios totalling over USD 110 billion of assets are managed individually according to their needs and objectives and within an integrated Asset-Liability Management framework. Together with our Business Units we strive to make the world more resilient by generating attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns for Swiss Re.

Based on a strong and well-established platform, our top-down driven investment approach allocates assets to internal portfolio managers as well as select best-in-class external asset managers, enabling quick access to new markets and asset classes.

Differentiation is pivotal to extending our role as a knowledge company and strategic asset allocator: we add value through activities that go well beyond the core mandate of managing Swiss Re’s assets. We support our Business Units by acting as a “Centre of Excellence” for financial market expertise across the Swiss Re Group. We are also a recognized thought leader on long-term investing themes and highly engaged in the global policy and industry dialogue around topics such as responsible investing and infrastructure financing.

We're smarter together

We are a large team of investment professionals operating in key markets across the globe. We build on our people's diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge and collaborate in cross-functional teams to successfully perform our work. Our flexible workplace environment allows each of us to work in the way that best suits our individual needs. Through active knowledge exchange and job rotations, we continuously learn and develop ourselves. Equally, we invest into our strong talent pipeline in a way that supports career opportunities, while making us ready for the future. Are you interested in our graduate-level offerings? Check out our Financial Markets Programme!

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Long-term & responsible investment: Making the world more resilient

As a risk knowledge company whose vision is to make the world more resilient, we live up to this vision not only through re/insurance activities but equally the investment side. Specifically, we can support economic growth and job creation by channelling funds to the productive areas of the real economy at a time when more private market solutions with stronger involvement of long-term investors like insurers or pension funds are urgently needed.

Our long-term investment approach is entirely consistent with the idea of building resilience because sustainable sources of value would not be discernible without a clear view on the underlying drivers and risk factors. For this reason, we systematically integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria as a key component of our investment process. As an early adopter we formalised our commitment by becoming a Principle for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatory in 2007, a Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) signatory in 2012, and were among the first to switch to broad-based ESG benchmarks.

We continue to develop our approach to responsible investing, including building up our exposure to investments that support the transition to a low-carbon economy. In particular, we channel part of our fixed income portfolio consciously into green bonds. We also allocate a substantial portion of our infrastructure investments to renewable energy.

Engaged in the global policy and industry dialogue

We believe long-term investors are key for the financial intermediation channel, supporting economic growth and financial stability. Accordingly, we drive the global financial policy dialogue on unlocking the potential of institutional investors and put forward comprehensive policy agendas. We have a multi-year history of thought-leadership in long-term and infrastructure investing, including close cooperation with leading organisations such as the International Institute of Finance, the World Economic Forum and the OECD long-term investor network. Together with our global partner network, we advocate for long-term economic growth and financial resilience.

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​Responsible investing in practice

More than ten years ago, our Asset Management unit embarked on a journey to not only generate risk-adjusted, stable long-term returns, but to also consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in our investment decisions.