Mitigating climate risk

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Mitigating climate risk

Climate change poses one of the most pervasive risks to our planet and our prosperity

Climate change poses one of the most pervasive risks to our planet and our prosperity. Its effects are already evident and shaking up our risk landscape: warmer average temperatures, rising sea levels, longer and more frequent heatwaves, heavy storms and rainfall, more floods, wildfires and weather extremes.

Swiss Re identified the threat of climate change as far back as 1979 and has been analysing its effects on society and the insurance industry ever since. As the threat has become more and more apparent, we've worked with our clients, partners and governments to take the actions to reduce the causes of climate risk and insure what cannot be mitigated.​

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Climate Risks: What we focus on

We focus on three primary areas of climate risk that we feel are most important for society and where we can provide solutions to the underlying risks:

Natural catastrophes and the protection gap

Most natural catastrophe losses, including those caused by climate change, are not covered by insurance. This means that millions of households and businesses face a large and widening protection gap.  With its re/insurance solutions, Swiss Re protects communities and businesses against the financial fallout from natural catastrophes, helping them recover quickly after a disaster and adapt to climate change.

Transition to a net-zero economy and the role of renewables

Notwithstanding the negative impact on our communities, our health and our natural world, climate change could also become a permanent drag on our economy. If we don't mitigate the risks and drastically reduce carbon emissions with a goal of net zero, the global economy will be significantly smaller by mid-century due to income and productivity losses.

Swiss Re offers innovative solutions for the journey to a net – zero economy by minimizing the risks associated with renewable energy and infrastructure projects while helping to drive continued growth and investment in the renewable energy sector. Our risk knowledge and expertise on renewables includes wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and battery storage as well as grid enhancement projects, making Swiss Re the partner of choice.

Progress through public-private partnerships

The most urgent question we need to ask is how best to tackle the source of the climate change problem by drastically reducing carbon emissions and how to avert the most damaging consequences by adapting to impacts that are already unavoidable. No single industry or region can do this alone. Meeting a challenge of such magnitude can only be achieved in partnership between the public and private sectors.


Focus Climate Resilience

In the lead up to the COP 27 Conference in Egypt, we focus on how we can better protect against the risks associated with climate change and our role in building climate resilience.

Key figures for natural catastrophes in 2021

  • Nat cat economic losses
    USD 270 billion
  • Nat cat protection gap
    USD 159 billion
  • Losses from floods covered by insurance in emerging markets

Tackling climate change together

We work with partners to achieve a net zero future and build a climate resilient world. Come and join our alliance. #ClimateAction #RaceToZero


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Our experts and special guests review the 2021 natural catastrophes and how the industry an improve resilience on secondary perils.

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Renewables: A story of growth, innovation and new risks

There has seldom been greater need for renewable energy sources but understanding the underlying risks is key. Swiss Re can help expedite the implementation of renewable energy sources through our world class risk knowledge and expertise, making us the partner of choice for shaping the future.

Regional Information

Regional Information Climate risk is not limited to one country or region

As urban populations grow and our climate continues to change, weather-related disasters are severely impacting communities around the world.

Find out how climate risk affects your region and how to mitigate it.

​CatNet® - Our proprietary location intelligence tool

Online natural hazard atlas for efficient, accurate underwriting and risk management.

Reinsurance solutions

  • How to rethink flood risk and help society become more resilient

  • Tropical cyclone parametric insurance ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • ㅤㅤㅤEarthquake 'shake vouchers'ㅤㅤㅤㅤ


Corporate solutions


    We developed the flood risk assessment tool called "FLOAT", a cost-effective and highly accurate way to assess and manage a location's flood risk.​


    STORM product is unique in the marketplace – we tailor each parametric policy so that closely mirrors the insured's experience during a windstorm.​

  • FLOW

    FLOW is an index-based water-level insurance, customized for companies with revenues and costs exposed to rivers' high or low water levels in Europe.​


    QUAKE product is unique in the marketplace – we tailor each policy to closely mirror the insured's likely experience during an earthquake by using USGS.​



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