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My Favorite Safer Beauty Products Right Now



If you didn’t already know by now, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our mouths. Our skin is one of our largest organs in the body and is capable of absorbing up to 60% of what we put on it. Not to mention, anything we put on our skin completely bypasses the gut and goes straight into our blood.

Companies within the US are allowed to use almost ANY ingredient they wish in their products. In fact, the US governent doesn’t review the safety of products before they are sold. Other countries are pushing much harder than we are to ban harmful chemicals and ingredients from going into our personal care products. To give you an idea, the European Union has spent the past two decades restricting or banning approximately 1400 of these ingredients. In Canada the number of restricted ingredients that go into personal care products is approximately 600.

You want to know how many ingredients are banned in personal care products in the US?

30. Yep. That’s it. 30.

This is horrible.

We need to demand much more care for what is put into the products we put on our skin and come into contact with almost daily! We can do this by first becoming more aware of this reality (educate yourselves) and then secondly by voting with our dollar. We need to start supporting and purchasing personal care products from companies that are intentional about what is being put in these products and in the end being put on our precious bodies.

So, in this post, I wanted to give you a place to start or at least a reference of some safer products. I am going to share with you all my personal favorite products that I use regularly when it comes to skin and hair care.

While this post is specific to external products I use, I first want to mention that healthy skin and hair start from within. A whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet will always be the best place to start when it comes to attaining glowing and healthy skin and hair. Your skin and hair can tell you a lot about how healthy you are from within.  One of my FAVORITE supplements I cannot recommend enough  to include within a whole food diet that is EXCELLENT for supporting healthy hair, skin and nails as well as the gut is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

Vital Proteins Gelatin and Peptides

For the why’s behind why I LOVE this product you can read my full post on that over here. You can also shop this product over on my ‘Shop Page‘ anytime you want.

So, Enough About That..What Do I Use for My Personal Skin and Hair Care Products?

Facial Care

Coconut Sugar Scrub – This is an incredibly simple 2-3 ingredient DIY product that I make regularly that naturally exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The coconut oil base also serves as a natural make-up remover. I aim to use this daily before I go to bed to rinse my make-up off. My skin feels so incredibly smooth after each time that I use this, it is unbelievable.


AnnMarie Multi-Purpose Foundation – I haven’t tried many natural make-up foundations, but I don’t really feel the need to after finding this wonderful product. I absolutely LOVE the way this product makes my skin feel and look. If you order through the link provided on this page you can get a special $25 off your first purchase of $75 or more. I’m telling you, this product is worth it. I personally use the honey shade which is meant for light to medium complexions, but they have a wide variety of other shades to choose from too for all skin tones. I also love that this product is made with zinc oxide which is a natural sun protectant for the skin.


You can use this product a variety of ways depending on the look you want including using it as a liquid foundation, matte finish or even as a bronzer/blush. There are simple instructions on how to use it the way you would like on their website under the specific product you are wishing to purchase.  I don’t think you will find it hard to spend $75 or more after browsing all their other wonderful skin care products that would pair well with this as well.

Pure Haven Tinted Moisturizer – This is a wonderful product I use that is great when you don’t want to put on a lot of make-up but still want a little bit of coverage. It acts as more as a moisturizer but has a little bit of color that helps to even out your skin tone. I love to use this product if I’m just going to the gym, hanging around the house, or running to the grocery store and straight back home. I use the beige color.

Dessert Essence 100% Pure JoJoBa Oil – This is the carrier oil that I use to make my AnnMarie Multi-Purpose Foundation into a liquid foundation. The foundation comes in a powder form and you will need to add a couple of drops of a good quality carrier oil to mix it with if you want a liquid foundation. You literally only need like 1-3 drops max. This stuff goes a long way! I also will use this oil plain by itself as a natural moisturizer to my face after I get out of the shower sometimes before I go to bed.

Pure Haven Cheeky Bronzer – This is a great product that I use when I want a little bit more of a glow on my cheeks.

DIY Powder – This is another incredibly simple DIY product that I make regularly as a nice finishing touch to go on top of my AnnMarie Multi-Purpose Foundation. Follow the direct link I have provided for the recipe. I didn’t use zinc oxide when I made mine because my foundation has it in there already.

Lip Color – I’m pretty low maintenance and don’t really use much lip color ever really. I have purchased this lip gloss from Pure Haven before and love the color, but most of the time just don’t feel like its me to have much color on. I typically just use a natural chapstick like the one made by Hancock Hill Farms to keep my lips moisturized and to give them a little shimmer.

Body Care

Body Wash – This is another simple DIY product that I make regularly. You can find this super easy 3-4 ingredient recipe on one of my old posts through the direct link provided. The post also has a recipe for hand soap that I use. There are plenty of safe body washes out there to purchase but I have opted to make my own for the money that it saves me.  I love that you can choose the scent you wish to have each time that you make it by simply swapping out your favorite essential oils.


Shampoo – I have tried DIY’ing shampoo and I gave up on that REAL fast. It just was NOT doing the job for me. Maybe you have had more luck with that, but every recipe I tried left my hair feeling super greasy and smelling like vinegar. This is a product I would much rather just purchase. I use the Pure Haven shampoo that you can purchase through the link provided. It does not make my hair feel greasy at all and I actually have noticed I don’t need to wash my hair nearly as often when using this shampoo.

Deoderant – This is another tricky one to discover what will work for you. You may have to shop around to find the perfect one for you. I personally have tried Schmidt’s Bergamot Lime scented deodorant in the past and it would give me a horrible rash. I finally decided to just chunk it. They do sell an unscented one that may have been less irritating but I haven’t tried it. You can buy this locally in Paris Texas at the Green Boutique if you would like to try it. I decided to go back to using Hancock Hill Farms aluminum free coconut oil deodorant and have never had any issues with it. It also keeps me smelling good too! You can purchase this product locally at the Farmer’s market when in season or order it online on their website. She sells lots of other wonderful natural personal care products as well!


Sunscreen – I used this badger sunscreen for my 22 month old and me all summer and loved it. It rubbed in well, didn’t leave us feeling greasy and got the job done at keeping us from burning. What I love most about this product on top of the fact that it is safe and free of hormone disruptors and other toxic chemicals is that it is AFFORDABLE!!


So, there you have it. 

Those are my favorite products right now that not only are safe but work! You may have noticed I didn’t provide options for every single product you may use on a daily basis when it comes to skin and hair care including mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, hair spray, mousse, etc. I am slowly making changes to safer personal care products and have started with products that cover more of my skin and I use most often. I don’t always put makeup on my eyes so I didn’t feel it necessary to start there, nor do I do my hair very often so swapping to a safer mousse/hair spray didn’t seem like the most practical place to start, though I do think it is important to eventually swap these products out for safer ones.

Don’t feel like you have to swap out everything all at once. Start with one product at a time. I will make sure to update this post as I include more natural products into my routine.

Of course, the products I have shared with you all are simply the ones I personally use and by no means an exhaustive list of all the wonderful safe products out there for you to use. If you want to know if the products you are using or may be considering using are safe or not, I recommend downloading the app Think Dirty. It is such a great resource to  educate yourself on what is in the products you are buying and how toxic/safe they are for you.

I hope this post has been helpful for you!! Let me know if you try and like any of these products as much as I do!


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