Swiss Re's parametric solutions

Simplicity drives customer satisfaction

simple, modular, turnkey solutions Swiss Re's parametric capabilities

Digital platforms and devices are enabling cheaper, faster and more scalable solutions that make cover accessible to more of the world's population. Customers can access covers that would previously have been unaffordable or inaccessible. Companies can benefit from cheaper bundled off-the-shelf solutions.

Swiss Re's parametric solutions enable fully automatic insurance offerings in a lean, cloud-based, modular ecosystem. Features include real-time reporting, steering, immediate rate indications, automated claim payments and policy administration. Interested partners can easily connect through API's.

Payments triggered immediately

Parametric insurance is a type of insurance that uses an index to trigger payment immediately after an event such as the shake intensity of an earthquake, windspeed, rainfall or flight delay.

These innovative retail solutions allow for simple, fast-purchasing and optimised pay out processes that boost customer satisfaction.

Swiss Re is a global expert in the provision of parametric covers.

Real-time flight delay insurance

Flight delays are not only tiresome, they can also cost consumers and businesses money and result in missed opportunities. Flight Delay Compensation (FDC) is an innovative, user-friendly insurance cover that improves customer experience by offering easy-to-buy, fully automated and near real-time flight delay compensation payments.

Earthquake 'shake vouchers'

'Shake vouchers' provide quick cash after an earthquake for policy holders to cover incidental losses and expenses. The policy complements property damage insurance by paying out a pre-determined cash amount, which will typically vary with the shake intensity felt at the policy holder's location.

Recovering fast after a cyclone

The cost of relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts following a natural disaster places a major financial strain on society. We provide tropical cyclone 'loss of income' covers for high risk areas that enable individuals to recover faster from a tropical cyclone.
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