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Power Smoothie Bowl

Last week I shared with you all my tips on how to manage holiday stress. One of my tips was to take care of yourself with good nutrition. To give you a practical way to do this during the holidays, I wanted to share with you all my favorite way to pack in a lot of nutrition in one simple meal or snack.

Introducing, the Power Smoothie Bowl.

smoothie bowl

Isn’t that pretty??

While smoothies are generally something I crave more in the warmer months of the year, it is by far, to me at least, the easiest way to pack in a LOT of nutrition when you you are either busy and need something quick OR just want to provide your body with as much good nutrition as you can before you indulge in some less healthier options that we all inevitably will choose to do over the holidays, at least a couple of times. I’m not so worried about the excess calorie consumption that may occur over the holidays at various meals and events but more about not giving my body enough essential nutrients that it needs to feel good, support my immune system, and have energy to enjoy the holidays! That’s why I love this Power Smoothie Bowl because it serves to kind of fill in the gaps on those days we choose to eat a meal that just doesn’t serve us so well nutritionally.

For all you busy mama’s out there with picky little ones, I have also been making these for lunch for my toddler and I as a way to sneak in some greens and other great things she doesn’t always eat. She loves to eat yogurt, so I figured if I served up her smoothie in a bowl she would be equally excited about eating it because she for some reason wasn’t always excited to drink her smoothie! It was a win and she loves them!

If you were wondering, these are the brands of yogurt we like to buy for Harper:

We prefer the unsweetened option in all of these brands and sweetening it ourselves with some raw honey and fresh berries. I have found all of these at health food stores like Whole Foods when out of town. The only one that is sold locally here in Paris is the So Delicious brand but they unfortunately don’t offer an unsweetened option. I have asked for them to carry it but they aren’t able to.

The ingredients below can be varied to your liking but this is my general outline for what I will put in it. Enjoy!

Power Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients for one serving:

Blend all together and top with granola!

**As a disclosure, I am an affiliate with Vital Proteins and so if you choose to order some for yourself I would greatly appreciate you ordering through my link provided in support of this blog. I do not ever recommend anything I have not used myself and believe in. Thanks in advance**

Happy Holidays!




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