Life & Health Reinsurance

The world of life & health insurance is spinning faster than ever and the race is on. How do you meet challenges of changing demographics, disruption and what seem like daily leaps forward in medicine and data science? Digital doors are opening new pathways to consumers, yet traditional hurdles like regulatory burdens, underwriting efficiency and performance of your inforce book are still a threat.

Swiss Re is ready to help you win. We're ready to work together and equip you to face off with disruption and find fresh ways to provide more people with greater security.

We can help you extract actionable insights from ever-growing pools of data and connect with your customers by better understanding what makes them tick.

Free up capital and grow your business with our tailored, risk and capital management solutions that come with a team of experts in tune with the complexity of your needs and able get your deal across the line.

Consider the hidden value in your inforce portfolios – is there capital you could unlock and put to better use? Our sophisticated predictive models and experience in policyholder behaviour can help you increase retention and mine opportunity in your inforce portfolios to go and tackle other challenges.

Life & Health Reinsurance Our business solutions

We help you underwrite with confidence and unlock the full potential of your business. Our experts support your growth by extracting insights from your data and streamlining underwriting processes with automated solutions, like Magnum. Our Life Guide platform helps you build a strong portfolio and navigate through uncertain times, such as the current pandemic.
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PARTNERING TOGETHER FOR PROGRESS ​Life & Health Reinsurance North America

Learn about our vision to help individuals get the life insurance coverage they need to help make the world more resilient.

LIFE & HEALTH AMERICAS US Medical Reinsurance

We monitor the complex changes in the US healthcare landscape and help you better manage capital, improve operations and revise underwriting requirements due to new regulations, technology and drugs.
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LIFE & HEALTH REINSURANCE Reducing financial stress for cancer

As diagnosis and treatment of cancer continues to improve, patients can face fincancial difficulties from medical costs and being out of work. Read more about our new Life & Health solutions and the trends we are watching.
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LIFE & HEALTH AUSTRALIA Our new program for cancer patients

Building on our experience in delivering cancer rehabilitation services, we launched a pilot program to support Australian customers with a tailored recovery plan that helps protect their income.
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LIFE & HEALTH ASIA Closing Asia's health protection gap

Every year, around 100 million people, mostly in low-income markets, fall into poverty due to unexpected healthcare expenses. Our new report gives insights into the health protection gap in emerging Asia as a first step in averting a deeper crisis.
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