The complete digital solution for your facultative reinsurance business

Fast and easy access to reinsurance

SwiftRe® reduces your administration costs for managing small to medium-sized (mid-market) risk portfolios. You get quick and automatic access to Swiss Re capacity for medium-sized single risks or facilities. This relieves administration time, allowing you to focus on larger deals.

Easy-to-use online risk placement

SwiftRe® is a user-friendly and efficient online risk placement, claims and accounting platform with a management dashboard for clients. You can access SwiftRe® 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, benefiting from full control over all placement, accounting and claims functions.

One-stop-shop for reinsuring small to medium-sized (mid-market) risk portfolios

SwiftRe® provides access to Swiss Re capacity within 5 minutes and preset underwriting guidelines to ensure a consistent reply to your risk submissions. You have total control across the end to end value chain and have full transparency over your portfolio.

SwiftRe®: quick single-risk protection

Any questions?

Any questions?

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