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Tech and Innovation

Become part of Swiss Re’s tech and data-driven ecosystem. Innovate together with our network of experts and partners to make the world more resilient.

Research and Innovation is in Swiss Re's DNA. For over 150 years, we have been working with clients and partners, continuously striving to deliver new solutions for the world's ever evolving risk landscape. We understand that for corporate innovation to succeed, we need talents, partners, the right mindset and behaviour and environment so that together, we can drive innovation at scale.

Our pool of experts will be there to support you, learn more about us below.​

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How we innovate

Effective co-creation takes trust and transparency. Therefore, it is important to Swiss Re that when we embark on a co-creation journey with customers and partners, we do so transparently and in a way that maintains trust with them.

Swiss Re’s innovation framework allows us to bring ideas to life while maintaining a lean start-up mindset. Check it out below to understand more about how our co-creation journey would work.​

A harmonized Innovation Process across the Group

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A selection of our areas of interest

We embrace the future together with our partners and clients, so that we can actively shape it. Some areas in which we are actively innovating include among others:  


Real-time data from connected devices provide great opportunities to sense the environment or behaviour. We look at opportunities that leverage real-time data to transform the way the insurance industry predicts and manages risks based on Swiss Re’s risk knowledge. 

AI, Data & Analytics

Data has always been the DNA of insurance. The way we use data has evolved. What was once a tool to help us record what has been done, is now a gateway to understand where it is possible to grow in the future.

Swiss Re is driving that evolution. We have systematically deployed our data analytics techniques for our clients to help them find and test growth opportunities in profitable new growth markets and lines of business.

Emerging technologies enable us to enhance our analytics capabilities and truly leverage data from different sources. We are always on the lookout for technologies and partners that we can work with for our AI ambitions.

Personal Resilience

Lifestyle risk factors present many opportunities for our industry; alternative data use, better customer journey and engagement, an ability to improve customer health, and the possibility of underwriting in an entirely new way.

Combining our strategic insights, underwriting & pricing expertise, risk sharing capabilities, behavioural economics expertise; we are able to work with healthtech partners and clients to co-design solutions for a scalable launch.

Platforms & Ecosystems

What are the opportunities and different roles for insurers in the age of the "digital ecosystem" and how should insurers adapt to stay relevant?

We embrace the development of ecosystems and platforms as well as new entrants with digital-first operating models. We partner and we challenge the status quo.


Highly networked, data-driven autonomous mobility business models are emerging, led by a variety of industry participants, aggressive investment, and regulator and government support. These will shape the transportation of people and goods, as well as additional services made possible by autonomous systems. At Swiss Re, we actively engage with these dynamics and new business models.


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Our experts are regularly speaking or participating in various industry and innovation events. Make sure to meet us in one of the following events.

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