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“Test, Don’t Guess.”: 5 Reasons to Have Functional Lab Work Done



We are living in a time of health crisis. People are facing unprecedented levels of health problems. The list of things people are suffering from daily seems to only be getting longer and more common. These include but are not limited to, allergies, acne, blood sugar issues, diabetes, insomnia, headaches, fogginess, indigestion, fatigue, inflammation, asthma, irregular cycles, PMS, depression, anxiety, hypertension, excessive weight gain and weight loss.

We all have a choice when it comes to our health. We can either accept this downward spiral of our nation’s health as normal and eventually be forced into the disease care model used by modern medicine, or we can choose a model of self care with the help of a functional health coach, like myself, that will help you build health and take care of yourself for the rest of your life. While both models of health care are important, they are different in many regards. As your functional health coach, I will provide you a framework and logical step by step method to not only restore your health, but maintain it.

A major key to me helping you in this process is functional lab testing. Below, I share with you my top 5 reasons for why having functional lab work done is so important.

#1: Diet and Exercise are not always enough

While the right diet and proper exercise are critical when it comes to building health, these alone are often not enough for many people. It can be so frustrating to feel like you are doing everything right and not see the scale budge, still feel terrible, have low energy, continue to struggle with anxiety or depression etc. Sometimes there may be an underlying cause for your main health complaints. Medications, hormone imbalances, the integrity of your gut, and food sensitivities to even so called healthy foods can all contribute to common health complaints. Functional lab testing can help identify the underlying causes that diet and exercise fail to do.

#2: Identifies Healing Opportunities

Instead of just treating symptoms or managing disease, as a functional health coach, I use functional lab testing to find as many healing opportunities as possible within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous systems. In order to build health, it is important to restore function to all systems in the body.

Our body is a complex and beautiful system that all works together and must be treated as such.

When there is stress or imbalance in one system, it is always affecting the others by default. For example, if you have a specific food sensitivity that you are unaware of, over time, it may affect the integrity of your gut, which may set the stage for pathogens to thrive, which will further affect the integrity of your gut, which can weaken your body’s immune system and contribute to chronic stress within the body, which will affect your hormones, which will put added stress on your liver, which will ..etc. etc. etc. The more healing opportunities we can find through functional lab testing, the more I can customize and tailor a natural drug free protocol to support your overall health and path to healing.

#3: Ends the Cycle of Trial and Error

There are so many different exercise programs, diets, and health information available these days. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Most people, blindly choose diets or exercise programs based off of what is popular or trending at the time. It can be so frustrating when you see other people experiencing positive results following the same program as you are on when you are not getting any results. So, you either give up or try something else that promises to work, only to end up in the same frustrating place with no results and even more confused.

The reason some programs work for some people and not others is because none of them have the individual in mind. Functional labs end the cycle of trial and error by revealing the underlying issues that are contributing to your main health complaints. Test results, along with a comprehensive health intake evaluation, allow me to put together a customized protocol with your specific health issues and life circumstances in mind.

#4: Gets to the Root of Your Main Health Complaints

While your stubborn belly fat, headaches, migraines, acne, anxiety or depression may be your main complaints, they are not the problem. They are the result of the problem. Think of your health like an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg represents your main complaints; what you can see and feel. Before the tip of the iceberg emerges however, there is a much larger piece of ice that precedes this beneath the surface. The same is with our symptoms. There are often much bigger issues going on beneath the surface, sometimes for years! Over time, if left unchecked, imbalances within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous systems, will build and eventually contribute to what we see and experience as our main health complaints. The only way to build health is to get to the root of your main health complaints rather than just treat symptoms, and running functional labs helps us to do just that.

#5: Allows You to Start Healing Faster

Bottom line, if we can get to the root of your main health complaints, we will end the cycle of trial and error which means you will have the opportunity to start healing faster and get back to living the life you love! There is hope for healing. It just might take a little bit deeper investigation.

For more information on specific labs that I am trained to interpret, please visit my ‘Functional Labs’ page and for more information on how I work, please visit this page.

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