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This Week’s Meal Plan: 1/12/15

Hey ya’ll! It’s been awhile since I have posted. I have been super crazy busy! Good busy though!! I recently kicked off a Whole30/Paleo challenge at the Crossfit gym I work out of.  I had a great turn out of people sign-up and I am super excited to see everyone’s results at the end of the month. It’s only day 4 of the challenge. Everyone seems to be doing good so far.

Nutrition challenges aren’t for everyone though. Not everyone is motivated in the same way. I get that. For those of you who don’t particularly like nutrition challenges and do better at just making changes at a slower pace that is more manageable and less overwhelming to you, I don’t want to leave you out in helping you along your health journey. And, for that reason, I have decided to start posting My Weekly Meal Plan. These meal plans will be what I personally am eating throughout the week. Each meal plan will include lunch and dinner for Monday through Friday.

I will be posting them weekly as regularly as I can. These recipes won’t always be my own. Most of them will come from across the web. My specialty is not particularly in recipe creation. I simply have a passion to share with you good food that not only tastes good, but is actually good for you! I follow a Paleo diet pretty much all the time when I am cooking at home, and encourage others to follow this way of eating also, so that is the type of recipes you can expect to see on my meal plan’s with some occasional variations.

If you are unsure of what Paleo even means, read more here. For even more detailed nutrition, and the way we should be eating for optimal health, read about The Real Diet of Man. To put things simply: I believe in eating real food, not packaged, processed, low-fat, sugar-free, man made “food-like” stuff. Just real whole foods that God designed for us to eat from the beginning of time. If you desire to cut back and eliminate man-made toxic “food-like” substances that have  no nutritional value for you, and are ready to start incorporating more whole food meals into your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

My hope in this is:

1. To save you time and stress during the week. We are all busy and not all of you enjoy searching through recipes like I do. I get that. Let me be the one to do that. Yes, you still have to shop for the groceries and actually make the food. Sorry. I can’t do everything, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to do everything for you because then I wouldn’t be teaching you anything. Learning to shop and cook fresh homemade meals from scratch at home is one of the best things you can learn to do for your overall health. I hope these recipes will be an inspiration to start learning!

2. That even if you don’t follow my meal plans exactly, you will start incorporating a couple of my recipes here and there throughout your week and slowly start eliminating the other junk you may or may not have been eating before. I do believe a 30 day or 14 day nutrition challenge to reset your system has wonderful health benefits, but if that’s not something your ready for, adding a couple of healthy meals in place of some previous not-so-healthy meals is definitely a great place to start!

3. That you will learn to appreciate the taste of real food and even begin craving it over less-than-healthy food options. Healthy food does not mean bland, boring and unsatisfying. It is far from that. I hope these recipes open your eyes to how good real food can actually be and more importantly, how much better you will feel when you start regularly eating them.

So with that being said. Below is your first ever weekly meal plan from me: Enjoy!

**You will notice that I do recommend Grass-Fed Meats over conventional meats in all my recipes. This is not just because I like the taste better or because I partner with Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats. There are extreme health benefits to choosing grass-fed over conventional. I can’t lie to you and tell you that eating lots of conventional meats is good for you, because it’s not.  However, I do understand each one of us is on our own unique healthy journey and the thought of drastically changing everything that you eat can be overwhelming. That’s not to say it’s not doable. Don’t let that all of this potentially overwhelming new information stop you from starting your journey towards better health. You have to start somewhere. If you are not to the point of choosing to buy grass-fed and pastured meats,  or are unsure that you can even fit that into your current budget, just do me a favor and educate yourself a little on the topic. There are tons of great articles on this topic for you to sift through here.**

PS: Make sure to check out my meal prepping tips at the bottom to help save you some time throughout the week!


Lunch: Creamy Spiced Cauliflower Soup with 3-4 Grassfed Meatballs

  • For meatballs: Roll into approx. 1″ thick balls, place on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 350. The flavor of these with nothing added to them is amazing!

Dinner: Grassfed Steak with a side of Green Beans and Homemade Sweet Potato Fries


Lunch: Leftover Grassfed Steak with a large Spinach Salad

  • Salad: 2 large handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and fresh squeezed lemon juice

Dinner: Easy Crock-Pot Chicken with Herb Crusted Acorn Squash 


Lunch: Leftover Crock-Pot Chicken and Herb Crusted Acorn

Dinner: Easy Slow Cooker Taco Meat

  • Eat as a taco salad on a bed of lettuce with all the trimmings: avocado, chopped tomatoes, onions, sauteed bell peppers, cilantro, sugar-free salsa
  • OR wrap it up in some lettuce wraps in place of a tortilla with all the trimmings. This is one of my favorites!


Lunch: Grassfed Beef Salami Roll-Ups with a side Spinach Salad

  • For Roll-Ups: Take salami and roll it up with sliced avocado, bell peppers, onions, and whatever other raw veggies you like
  • Spinach Salad: 2 handfuls spinach with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and fresh squeezed lemon juice

Dinner: Leftover Tacos


Lunch: Grassfed Beef Salami Roll-Ups with a side Spinach Salad

Dinner: Smoky Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs with a side of Homemade Sweet Potato Fries and Kale Chips


Meal Prepping Tips

  • Make your soup and Meatballs Sunday afternoon/evening to have prepared ahead of time.
  • Chop up all your sweet potatoes before the week begins and store in the fridge to easily grab and throw on a pan during the week to bake into fries
  • Chop up all salad topping veggies before the week begins and store in the fridge to throw on top of your salads
  • Make your homemade taco seasoning mix before the week begins for Thursday night’s meal and store in the pantry
  • Make a note of all the meat you need to take out of the freezer either the night before or morning of to dethaw


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