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Yoga for Stress Reduction and the Busy Mom



Constant stress can have extremely damaging health effects. In fact, it is the foundation for nearly all disease. I wrote a post about this awhile back that you can read here.

In this post I discussed the many ways in which our bodies experience stress and how regardless of the source of stress be it, emotional, poor sleep, inflammatory foods, and even excess or high intensity exercise, etc., our body responds the exact same way in an effort to handle the stress at hand.

If you are in a state of HPA-axis dysfunction (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis dysfunction), a more accurate description of what is commonly diagnosed as “adrenal fatigue”, choosing an appropriate exercise is extremely important. If you choose exercise that is too intense for you, you will only be making matters worse as this can be an additional source of stress, triggering inflammation and be a withdrawal on your bodies system rather than a deposit.

If you’re reading this thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?..I have never heard of “HPA-axis dysfunction” or “adrenal fatigue”, please go read or listen to this podcast by Chris Kresser. He does a fantastic job of explaining all of this much better than I ever could and specifically how all of this relates to our choice of appropriate exercise.

After reading or listening to that podcast, you will have a better idea of if you are choosing the right exercise or not based off some telltale symptoms of HPA-axis dysfunction, including  a reduced exercise tolerance or decreased performance in whatever activity you are doing.

If in fact you find that you need much more gentle and restorative exercises based off o your current state of health like yoga, I have discovered an amazing online program I highly recommend and personally use myself!

After having my first baby and then becoming pregnant with my second only a year and a half later, I realized Yoga and lots of walking was exactly what my body needed to keep me moving but not over tax my system. This was a hard transition for my naturally competitive self after years of Crossfit, which I also loved, but in this new season of life, my body just couldn’t handle the intensity that I could before.  So, I joined Nautilus Family Fitness in Paris Texas specifically for their Yoga classes and fell in LOVE with them. I highly recommend their classes to anyone!! I was able to consistently go to their classes 2-3 times a week all through my second pregnancy and felt great because of it.

However, after baby number two came along, and with how much traveling our family does, I found it hard to consistently make it up to the classes.

This is where MyYoga Works has become a LIFESAVER! I absolutely LOVE this online yoga program.




This program has 1,000’s of yoga and pilates videos for the beginner, intermediate and advanced. When searching for a video you would like to do, you can customize your search with the level of intensity you want, length of time you want that day (5 minutes up to 90 minutes), what you want to focus on (arms, legs, core, etc.) specific benefit you want (calming, energizing, prenatal, postnatal, fitness, pilates, kids yoga etc.), and even the teacher you would prefer.

I have been a member of this online program for a year now and have never done the same video once and they are all great! What I love most about this program is that I can do it literally anywhere as long as I have my phone or computer on me to pull it up.

Even if you can handle the higher intensity workouts right now, this would be a wonderful complement to your current workout program. Everyone needs a little more yoga in their life for all the wonderful benefits it provides.

If you are interested, you can sign-up for a FREE 14 day trial through the link below. If you decide you like it, it’s only $15 a month after that.



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